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The Daily Grind: Are you actually addicted?

Tateru Nino

Here at Massively, we spend a lot of time with MMOGs [Well, duh! -- ed], and even more time at our desks and computers, scouring news, doing research and all of that. By non-gamer standards, we spend an immoderate amount of our weeks in front of our monitors, either actively gaming -- or writing about it.

It isn't fair to say we're actually addicted to it, though. We still actually have normal lives, families, commitments, relationships and all the other hurly-burly of daily life. Spending a lot of time doing something, or even making an unusual activity a high-priority doesn't qualify as addiction, unless it is causing you harm in some way. You might as well say that a person who has lost the use of their legs is addicted to wheelchairs and handicapped parking spaces, or that a ball-player is addicted to the game, while still maintaining a normal life. No harm, no foul; as they say.

With that in mind, dear readers, we've got a tough question for you to think about. Are you actually addicted? Oh, we often like to say we are, but is your passion for MMOGs (or for one MMOG in particular) so strong that it actually interferes with the rest of your life, or are your life's various elements all in working order?

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