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A critical look at WoW's zombie issues

Kyle Horner

In a move driven in part by frustration, Lume the Mad recently outlined his specific beefs with Blizzard's pre-Wrath zombie event for World of Warcraft. We've seen in the past that some people weren't enjoying the event whatsoever, but Lume has gone the distance and outlined exactly what's wrong and how massive frustration could have been avoided.

It's very unfortunate that greifers are ruining the event for everyone, but then again nobody should be surprised. Everyone should be familiar with John Gabriel's Greater Internet D*ckwad Theory by now. We're all for events that shake up player expectations but Lume makes a very strong point by point argument that's hard to argue with in any sort of rational way. Hopefully, Blizzard will learn from this experience and put in a few more safeguards next time around. That is unless they've simply become unscrupulous evil men and women, corrupted by nerd money and power.

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