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Amazon gets the BD bundle discounts going early

Darren Murph

Aw, yeah. Remember way back when HD DVD and Blu-ray were at each other's throats, and manufacturers were giving out free titles left and right in order to get you to buy one format over another? It seems that little tactic is finding its way back as the holiday / Black Friday season approaches, with Amazon giving users a full $100 off their total purchase when buying an 80GB PlayStation 3 ($399.99), Sylvania NB500 ($199.98) or Samsung BD-P1500 ($211 at current check) along with four Blu-ray Discs from Warner Home Video. Best of all, a fair share of titles are priced well below $25 each, meaning that you'll actually net some discount on the BD player in addition to scoring four "free" flicks. The deal's good through December 31st, but who knows if it'll get any sweeter as the previously mentioned holidays grow closer.

[Thanks, A1]

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