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Are we renting our MMOs?

Shawn Schuster

If you think about it, we're basically renting our MMO experience anyway. This is especially true for games that offer free software, yet charge a monthly fee. So would a rental service for MMOs really work?

In a recent article over at Twenty-Sided, Shamus explores the avenues of renting your multiplayer and single-player game experience. This is highlighted in what he says he expects to see in the future: a move towards more single-player games with simple online functionalities, like a chatroom. "Certainly an MMO denies you ownership," He explains. "But I wouldn't expect to be able to 'buy' an MMO any more than I'd expect to 'buy' cable television for a one-time fee and use it forever after." Some games have successfully achieved the opposite approach (Guild Wars) while others are doing just fine maintaining what is essentially a rental of their service. So what are your thoughts?

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