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Both AT&T and Verizon see very positive Q3s

Darren Murph

While many industries are going through a bit of a rough patch (to put things mildly), both AT&T and Verizon are soaking up the sun. Or maybe that's just the beaming glow being emitted from their respective Q3 reports. Either way, AT&T reported a 2.0 million net gain in total wireless subscribers on the coattails of 2.4 million iPhone 3G activations, while it notched a 50.5% uptick in wireless data revenues and saw overall wireless revenues increase by 15.4%. As for Verizon Wireless, it witnessed 1.5 million net customer additions (excluding the 630,000 customers pulled in from its Rural Cellular acquisition), and it noted that data revenues -- which now comprise over a fourth of all service revenue -- shot up 42.5% to $2.8 billion. For numbers galore explaining just how well the pair did this past quarter, mount up your reading glasses and hit the links below.

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