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EA: Yay Dead Space, fewer licensed titles!

Jason Dobson

Electronic Arts has apparently learned its lesson, realizing that its seemingly endless parade of sequels and spinoffs is far from the best way to march into our hearts. In fact, Glenn Schofield, the general manager at Dead Space developer EA Redwood Shores, tells Variety that more than half of the company's ongoing development efforts will be put towards original games.

EA certainly seems to be heading down this road. Last week's deep space scare-a-thon was the fourth new IP launched by EA this year following Spore, Army of Two, and Boom Blox. Additionally, with Dead Space finding life outside of games even before it was released, Schofield notes that EA "is looking at Dead Space as the model now" for future IP development. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to thumb through that Mirror's Edge comic one more time before the colorful parkour sim leaps from the edge of uncertainty in November.

[Via Opposable Thumbs]

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