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Gaming to Go: N+


Perhaps you've heard of N+. It's been covered only a teeny bit here on DS Fanboy, so it's pretty unforgivable if this is your first encounter with the masochistic Ninja platformer. Masochistic may not even be a strong enough word, honestly. N+ has built up a reputation all across the vast internet as being ridiculously difficult, much like its web-based predecessor. Whether N+ is a solid recreation of the original N's gameplay is a somewhat controversial subject, but anyone who's given it a whirl can probably agree on one point: it is awesome for gaming on the go.

Your miniature ninja is blessed with amazing speed and skill, though it comes at a heavy price: a lifespan of precisely 1.5 minutes. As you might imagine, this makes N+ perfect for quick bursts of play, as you'll never spend more than a few minutes trying to clear a set of levels. Sound interesting? Stab that big button down there and come see why N+ is a beautiful thing indeed if you're looking for some quick ninja-flavored challenge in your daily commute.


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