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Homebrew Channel beta9 works with latest system update


Well, that was fast. That recent update that wouldn't allow users to install the Homebrew Channel? It's been bested, as the Homebrew Channel beta9 has been released. Among working with the latest update, beta9 also brings the following fixes to the table:
  • Installer / updater now works with the October 23 update
  • SDHC support
  • REALLY fixed the memcard bug
  • Installer now picks newest sane IOS, fixes some beta8 regressions
  • Added a reload button (for SD card changes)
  • Return to system menu skips warning
  • Fixed some graphical glitches
  • Saner XML load code
  • Many fixes to underlying stuff in the newer libogc
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The homebrew community is doing nifty things with the Wii. Have you learned how to play DVDs on your console yet? Or read about the app that lets you play games from other regions? What about getting Goldeneye to run on Wii? Alternatively, you could just use homebrew to get your cheat on.

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