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Sunfire's delightful $4,000 TGR-401 AV receiver now shipping

Darren Murph

Just saying the word "Sunfire" sends chills down the spines of wallets everywhere, and sure enough, the outfit's latest bad boy receiver ain't no bargain. The Theater Grand 401 Receiver (TGR-401) -- which includes 200-watts x 7-channels of amplification, SIRIUS satellite radio support, dual Olé touchpad ports, a VIA!migo socket for iPod connectivity and a configurable front panel input -- is now shipping to those who are willing to cough up the requisite $4,000 (MSRP). Aside from a sleek, sexy exterior, you'll also be buying three HDMI v1.3a inputs / one HDMI output, a microphone input, eight-channel input for DVD-Audio or SACD, eight balanced XLR outputs and a sophisticated video upconversion system for squeezing the most out of every source. Anyone buying in?

[Via CNET]

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