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1600 MS points FREE with Gears of War 2 purchase at Circuit City

Dustin Burg

Thanks to X3F tipster therza2169, we've been graced with next week's Circuit City retail flyer (November 2nd - November 8th) and within' its digital pages is a very special Gears of War 2 offer. Buy Gears 2 and get 1600 Microsoft points FREE!

The free 1600 Microsoft deal goes into effect on Gears 2's release (Friday, November 7th) and is available with both regular and limited editions. Interesting too is the fact that you can score a free $10 gift card with a Gears 2 pre-order, so there's a possibility you could pre-order the game at Circuit City now and receive both the gift card and Microsoft points for free. Though, we aren't certain about the logistics of such a method, so we'll say YMMV. Now we must decide, a free Gears 2 Centaur RC tank at Best Buy or free Microsoft points at Circuit City. Decisions, decisions.

[Thanks, therza2169]

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