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Is Blu-ray destined to become a "videophile niche?"

Darren Murph

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We can already tell you that there's not enough water in the intertubez to put out the flames that this one will spark, but we digress. Analyst Robin Harris has blurted out what we can only imagine is being secretly thought by at least a few others: Blu-ray isn't going anywhere. We'll be frank -- we politely disagree with his assertion that BD will be relegated to a "videophile niche" within 12 months, but he does make some great points about the format's inability to truly catch on. For starters, consumers are having a tough time finding a value proposition in the format, which doesn't look phenomenally better than upscaled DVD in most eyes. Second, the sheer cost of licensing involved keeps all but the biggest studios from enjoying the spoils of Blu. Lastly, he suggests that the BDA should realize that Blu-ray isn't needed in the world of HD streaming and upscaled DVD, and it must be priced accordingly. Again, some of this just seems way off base, but it's fantastic fodder for discussion, no?

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