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Madden 2010 cover could be auctioned for charity


Pacman Jones on the cover of Madden NFL 2010? It could happen ... if "Adam" makes it rain on United Way. EA Sports head coach Peter Moore has been pitching the idea of a cover athlete auction to the Madden marketing team, reports The decision won't be made "anytime soon," according to Moore, but the proposal suggests offering up the Madden curse, er, cover to the highest bidding NFL player. All proceeds would go to United Way, the NFL's charity partner. "Our research tells us we don't see a huge up-tick or down-tick depending on who's on the cover -- they're buying Madden," says Moore.

Update: Oops! We were going for Pacman during his TNA Wrestling debut and wound up with his tag team partner, Ron "the Truth" Killings, instead (above). Thanks for pointing this out, folks -- needless to say, we don't watch much TNA nor have we ever seen Pacman with his helmet off. (And yes, we place full blame on Google Images.) Rest assured, we've rectified this careless error after the break!)

[Thanks, John]

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