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Mega-makeover for City of Heroes site

Adrian Bott

Alex 'Lighthouse' Von Minden's cryptic hints of changes in the pipeline were unravelled yesterday when the brand new City of Heroes website was unveiled. The thorough revamp has resulted in a brighter, slicker site, similar in style to the Tabula Rasa page. The old site had used many images dating from as far back as launch, and was frankly getting stale, looking a bit dated next to the European site for the same game. The new-look website showcases many of the new powersets and costume pieces, and also has a completely new section on the game's signature heroes and villains - the kind of information a new player would be looking to learn about.

The new-look site brings an end to the days of separate front pages for City of Heroes and City of Villains, now that all players have full access to both. Devotees of the villain side still have their red-themed forums of evil, however; though we're not sure if this will continue once the forums switch over to vBulletin. We'd like to think that this merging somehow foreshadows the ability to switch sides in the game, though that's nothing but speculation on our part.

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