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NEC tiling e-ink displays for massive coverage

Tim Stevens

What's better than a single low-power e-ink display? How about eight of them stuck together to form one massive sheet? NEC is indicating it can now tile up to eight displays together to achieve maximum reflective real estate, composed of digital sheets matching standard A4 (8.3- x 11.7-inches) and A3 (11.5- × 16.5-inches) sizes, the latter having only a 1mm border. Eight of those stitched in two rows of four could make a display nearly two feet tall and over five feet wide. No resolution specs are given, and the 10:1 contrast ratio is standard stuff, but these displays do offer 16-shades of grayscale -- four times that offered by Oprah's new favorite thing. Naturally, there's no mention of when we can hope to start covering our walls with these things, but hopefully NEC will get these out in time for the e-ink market to take off in the latter-half of 2009.

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