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Retail listings indicate Grand Theft Auto IV PC delay

We know some of you put off playing Grand Theft Auto IV when it launched earlier this year on "video game consoles" – instead, preferring to wait for the inevitable PC port. After all, if there was any chance of some hidden hot coffee action, the PC would be platform of discovery. So you waited. And waited. And finally word came through the tubes that GTA IV would see a PC release on November 18th of this year.

Now, if listings on popular online video game retailers like Amazon and GameStop are any indication, we're hoping you circled that date on your Friends of GTA charity calendar in pencil because you may be in for a two-week delay. We put a request out to Rockstar early this morning and have yet to hear back, leading us to believe this delay is the real deal. Look on the bright side: you've got more than enough PC games this fall to keep you busy for the month of November.

[Thanks, DssTrainer]

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