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RIM: no open-source BlackBerry OS on the radar

Chris Ziegler

With the onslaught of Android, the Symbian Foundation, and the LiMo Foundation all looking to take their fair slices of the world's mobile market, you might think the pressure would be on the world's closed-source smartphone platforms to give up the goods. A question posed at a recent RIM developer conference suggested that at least some BlackBerry devs would like a crack at Waterloo's inner workings, mainly to get a better feel for its technical underpinnings and help vet it for robustness and security (or so they say) -- but these guys probably shouldn't be holding their breath. The answer from on high was that RIM has an open-source "team" that's looking into releasing the code for some of its development tools, but as for the platform itself, "that's a pretty big leap." With RIM's emphasis on the enterprise, we can see the argument going both ways -- black boxes can be somewhat secure by their very nature, but wouldn't it help to have more eyeballs vetting that stuff?

[Via RCR]

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