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SCEE survey wants to know how to release future Siren games

Jem Alexander

A survey sent out by SCEE today indicates that they are weighing up peoples' interest in the Siren franchise. The survey asks questions about Siren Blood Curse and asks people to rate various aspects out of 10. It also asks you whether you'd be willing to buy more games in the franchise in the future and how you'd like to receive them (either in one bunch, like Blood Curse or episodically.)

Did you receive this survey? Even if you didn't, what are your thoughts on the game? Would you like to see more? As far as downloadable titles go, we thought it was a fairly entertaining survival horror experience. We just wish it wasnt pegged as "episodic" when it was all released on the same day. And still having to download each episode individually? Rubbish.

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