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Will Arnett, Neil Patrick Harris star in Eat Lead

Justin McElroy

Remember a long time ago (OK, so it was at 8 a.m) when we complained about Eat Lead's generic game design and other problems we spotted during a demonstration? Well, forget them, because they've just been rendered moot by star power.

What kind of stars, you ask? Well, how about Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame as lead Matt Hazard? Still not sold? OK, fair enough. But what if were were to promise ... ready? ... Doogie Houser himself, Neil Patrick Harris as publishing boss Wallace "Wally" Wellesley?! Yeah, we thought you'd change your tune.

Take note, game publishers: Put NPH in your games and you can make them as generic as you please. Hell, we're ready to fax D3 our $60, just to make sure we Eat Lead as soon as possible. We're suckers like that.

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