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A tale of three firmwares: comparing the T-Mobile G1's RC19, 28, and 29 builds

Chris Ziegler

Turns out the difference between builds RC19 and RC29 of the G1's firmware is more than just 10. Well, okay, it is 10, but what we mean is that we know what exactly has changed between the release build and the over-the-air update now being pushed out to beta testers early adopters across the lands, and the biggies seem to be a handful of bug fixes for WiFi connectivity and email. An astute tipster also noted that USB storage mode is no longer selected from settings -- it's chosen at the time the phone is plugged in. Fancy, Google -- fancy indeed!

What about the RC28 rollout that had partially kicked off before RC29 went out the door, though? Turns out Google wanted to take care of that security vulnerability discovered in the browser that could allow keystroke capture when users visit malicious sites, so they put a cork in the RC28 delivery for a minute or two while they cooked up 29 to take its place. Users that already received 28 are right back in line to receive the latest cut, which we're hearing T-Mobile wants to have out to everyone by November 12. That's like an eternity from now, which is pretty much throwing a wet blanket on our love for non-forceable OTA updates.

[Via TmoNews, thanks David and Natalie]

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