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Apple among "10 most overrated brands"

Save has produced a list of the 10 Most Overrated Brands. Apple is at number nine. How so? According to, it's the hype that sustains us.

"...while Apple has made its name combining sharp design with great technology, the brand's true appeal comes from the fact that consumers are hooked on the hype."

Us? Succumb to the hype? It's not like we post pictures of empty boxes, sleep on the street or buy Steve Jobs Lego figures. I agree that the fanatical devotion of what calls "the iCult" gets way out hand. Is any phone worth three nights on a New York City street? Of course not. But ask those folks why they're there, and they'll tell you it's the fun of hanging out with like-minded Mac geeks.

While Apple hypes their products, it's often the fanboys who push it over the edge. For me, that doesn't detract from the fact that they deliver great products.

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