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Does Morgan have a Zune? One guess.


Any fan of NBC's geek-centric espionage comedy Chuck knows that there's a healthy helping of Apple tech all over the show, going back to the very first episode. Despite the heavy product placement volume, relatively few Apple fanboy lines make it into the scripts; after all, these folks work at Best BuyMore, which probably sells a lot of HP and Dell gear.

This week, however, a not-so-subtle dig at Microsoft's music player found its way into the episode's closing scenes. Chuck's sidekick Morgan -- not the coolest cat in the junkyard -- jokes that he has a Zune, and then goes off to get his iPod to help Chuck save the world. Nice work if you can get it. The segment is viewable to US residents via this Hulu link.

If you notice other ficitional characters praising Apple and dissing the competition, be sure to let us know via our tips page or Twitter replies. You can also grab screenshots of your favorite Apple gear product placement moments and tag them for our appleontv Flickr pool.

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[hat tip to When Will Apple for multiple versions of the video clip]

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