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Hey, cheaters, this is how you unlock every song in Guitar Hero: World Tour


Have you been plugging away at Guitar Hero: World Tour, only to still be lacking those last few songs to complete your set list? Are you the type of person that enjoys cutting corners and finds diligence to be nothing more than a nine-lettered word? Well, we've got something for you: the code to unlock every song in World Tour.

We're not going to leave it on the front page for everyone to see, however. We've tucked the code past the break, away from those of you who want to earn your songs and not hit a specific button sequence in order to unlock them. Enjoy.


Head into the "Cheats" section under the "Options" menu, then hit this sequence of colored buttons: Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow. There you go, you should have unlocked every song in the game. Way to go, cheater (we kid, because we love)!

[Via Joystiq]

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