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ILVE introduces VELA rangehood with built-in LCD TV

Darren Murph

Not that we haven't seen LCD-equipped rangehoods before, but ILVE's VELA just has that art deco flair that so turns us on. All personal details aside, this here kitchen appliance was designed by Marco Valerio Agretti and features a 4-speed touch control extraction, optional automatic switch-on / speed regulation, all stainless steel construction, a light indicator for filter management and a washable anti-grease filter. Now that you've survived that snore-fest, here's the real details you're after: there's a 10-inch LCD TV built right in there, and with that comes a remote control and an RCA input / output for hooking up your cable box, a DVD player or any flavor of game console. Unfortunately, actual specifications of the TV -- as well as pricing for the entire unit -- are nowhere to be found, but it's pretty safe to assume those who have to ask probably won't be buying. [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via T3]

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