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Japan: not crazy about Nintendo DSi


... According to this Dengeki poll, anyway. The Japanese site conducted a survey of its readers just days before the Nintendo DSi launches in Japan, and discovered that most were pretty nonplussed by the shiny new upgrade.

The most surprising statistic? Only 3.6% stated they'd be purchasing the DSi "soon," a worryingly teensy minority, and perhaps another sign that the DSi won't match the Lite's epic launch. In the next bracket, 29.4% of readers said they'd wait a little bit before jumping in, but 40.7% said they'd already made their mind up against buying a DSi. The new, larger screens are the most attractive feature of the console, said 30.8% of respondents, but the two cameras got considerably less love: only 15.1% of people named them as the best bit of the DSi.

Exactly how representative Dengeki's survey is could be debated. There's no mention of how many readers voted, for example, and Dengeki readers undoubtedly represent a very small proportion of all potential DSi buyers. Still, 3.6% is, y'know, small. Hit the break for a more complete statistical breakdown.


Who was surveyed:

Though Dengeki keeps quiet about the number of participants, it does reveal 81.4% were male and 18.6% female. Average age was 26.28 years old.

On buying a DSi:

3.6% intended to purchase a DSi "soon"
29.4% will wait and see before buying
26.2% were undecided
40.7% have decided they won't buy a DSi

On color:

53.4% went with black, 45.9% with dirt-friendly white. The choice was just too much for 0.7% of people, who did not answer.

On the most DSi's most attractive feature:

30.8% Bigger screens
29.5% DSi hardware
15.1% DSi camera
11.6% DSi Sound
3.4% SD card slot

[Via Kotaku]

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