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Samsung's C6620 looks fun, means business with WinMo 6.1

Chris Ziegler

Along with the change in naming convention comes a change in industrial design, and the C6620 -- one of the first smartphones to make use of Samsung's annoying new one-letter, four-digit scheme -- definitely looks a bit different than your average WinMo piece out of Seoul. Italian carrier TIM appears to be the first in the world to offer it, featuring triband GSM along with HSDPA, Bluetooth (we should certainly hope so), and a 2-megapixel camera -- not earth-shattering by any stretch, but we're digging the two-tone thing they've got going on here. It's selling for €199 (about $254), which we think makes this (or something very close to it) a perfect spiritual successor to the original BlackJack, yeah?

[Via Unwired View and]

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