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The Conduit finds publishing partner in Sega

After spending months in the public eye without a publisher – including two very public presentations with Nintendo, and one embarassing gaffe that appeared to put the game under the Nintendo banner – High Voltage Software's The Conduit has finally found a happy home at Sega (as rumored). Of course, Sega's got another high-profile "core" game for the Wii in MadWorld so today's announcement represents a strategic addition; what Sega of America prez Simon Jeffrey calls its "belief in the Wii's gaming potential beyond the casual market."

With an estimated Spring 2009 release date, there's not much we don't already know about The Conduit; however, the press release does confirm support for the Wii Speak peripheral in online multiplayer games as well as Wii MotionPlus support for "optimal control." Or maybe there is more. Jeffrey says High Voltage "has only scratched the surface of the game in terms of what they have shown so far." Our guess: smell-o-vision.

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