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WiFi certification: pretty strong evidence Verizon's Omnia is WiFi-equipped

Chris Ziegler

There's some ongoing debate as to whether Verizon's upcoming version of the Samsung Omnia, the predictably-named SCH-i910, would feature WiFi. In general, Verizon's historically just been about the least WiFi-friendly of the major US carriers, so prevailing logic had us believing (pessimists that we are) that the Omnia would rely on EV-DO alone to go about its high-speed data business, too. Ah, but wait -- there's this little matter of a WiFi Alliance certification proudly proclaiming the i910 as a "Phone, dual-mode (Wi-Fi and cellular)," which would suggest that there's an extra radio up in there somewhere. Of course, Verizon could go ahead and disable that circuitry in software before they drop it on a store shelf, but with that giant heart of gold of theirs, would they really sink so low as to disable it? (Don't answer that.)

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