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City of Heroes making the MMOve to Mac


Better late than never? Coming just days after Apple's roll-out of new MacBooks with mightier gaming capabilities, NCSoft has announced that its superhero (and villain) MMORPG, City of Heroes, will be released for Mac in partnership with Transgaming.

According to NCSoft, the Mac version of CoH – really the PC version in Transgaming's Cider "wrapper" for Intel-based Macs – will go into beta around the same time as the latest game update, "Issue 13: Power and Responsibility," releases (currently slated for fall). NCSoft is planning the full release for "pre-holiday" in digital form, available from its online store and GameTree Online. There are no plans for a boxed retail release.

Following its release, "the Mac version will parallel the developments of the PC version, providing all game updates, new features, and storylines simultaneously on both platforms," said Vikas Gupta, Transgaming's president and CEO. Excelsior!

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