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Kenwood's Prodino gets good marks for storage options, not so much for price

Samuel Axon

The name of this portable digital audio system is partly derived from the Italian word for "great," and we're hoping it's an accurate descriptor, because at a likely price of ¥45,000 ($462) plus another ¥12,600 ($129) for an iPod docking station, this thing isn't as affordable (or stylish, for that matter) as previous products we've looked at. The Prodino (less sexily known as the CORE-A55) tries to earn the price tag by supporting not only USB but up to 32GB of storage on SD or microSD -- perfect for that slotMusic collection you wasted your money on. With speaker output at only 10W each, though, we're thinking a little shopping will find you a more attractive alternative.

[Via Impress]

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