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Lenovo's ThinkCentre M58 / M58p desktops keep the green scheme alive

Darren Murph

Sheesh -- feels like just yesterday Lenovo was sounding the green alarm with its ThinkCentre M57 / M57P desktops, and now we're faced with the predictably named successors, the M58 / M58p. Hailed as the firm's "greenest, most secure and most manageable ThinkCentre desktop PC yet," both machines boast Power Manager, a "ThinkVantage technology that allows PC users to control their electricity consumption remotely. Said inclusion is being made available for the first time ever on a ThinkCentre PC, and the array of password / security features is sure to give you peace of mind while inducing migraine headaches. The new crew is available in three form factors -- tower, small form factor (SFF) and ultra small form factor -- and includes Intel's Core 2 Duo chips and a presumably average selection of RAM, HDD and optical drive. Catch all but the USFF rig right now for $499 and $899, respectively.

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