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Mushroom Men and Mushroom Minigames


Screens of Red Fly Studio's Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars are, in general, a joy to look at, not just because of technically lovely graphics, but because of creepy mood lighting and the ridiculous detail that went into modeling the mundane world in which the little guys wage their battles. We have kind of a systematic distrust of screenshots, but we've seen Mushroom Men and we can confirm that it looks great.

These screens feature the same level we've seen previously, but it's the one with the giant mutated bunnies, so we don't mind. We're looking forward to the game's release so we can see more environments, though. There's also a puzzle-based minigame that appears to be based on Pipe Dream -- we're guessing it's the one on the minigame menu titled "Morel Mine Car." We'll try not to dwell on it. Nothing wrong with minigames, but we really hope we aren't forced to play Pipe Dream.


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