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Namco Bandai exploring possibility of localizing, ruining Klonoa remake


GoNintendo's RMC reports that he received a survey from Namco Bandai all about Klonoa. There's only one reason that they would survey American gamers about this particular character at this time: they want to release the Wii remake of Door to Phantomile! Send us the survey -- we'll fill in the YES PLZ box.

Further confirming the tentative localization plans, and depressing the hell out of us, one of the questions asked responders to choose which character design they preferred between these two: Klonoa's character art from the actual game, and a redesign in which Klonoa is apparently a wingless bat. The long ears are kind of important to gameplay, guys. And the Pac-Man hat is pretty important to us. At least if they're considering redesigning the character, Namco Bandai is probably hoping to give Klonoa a big marketing push.


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