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Playshake: the game you play by shaking


Continuing the theme of no-nonsense Wii game titles like Let's Tap (the tapping game), Tecmo's tentatively-titled Playshake features precisely those two activities, and that is all. Playshake is a WiiWare minigame collection designed purely around the idea of shaking the remote.

The one minigame we've seen so far gives you three seconds to shake the remote vigorously. The more you shake, the higher your score is. In this minigame, Tecmo has even eschewed frivolity like characters and backgrounds in favor of a utilitarian, yet stylish, display of your score and remaining time.

We give a lot of Wii titles trouble for promising revolutionary experiences and then ending up as waggle-fests, but what if something makes no effort to hide its waggle-fest status? We wouldn't mind shaking our way into the leaderboards.

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