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What's new in Windows 7 for Media Center

Ben Drawbaugh

Our good friend Charlie Owen highlighted the most interesting parts of Windows 7 on his blog -- you know, the Media Center parts. Overall we're a bit disappointed to see that most of the changes to the TV functionality were just brought over from the OEM only TV Pack, in fact almost all the other changes are cosmetic. We're not sure we like the new look yet (like the new info menu pictured) but we'd like to get accustomed to it before we pass judgment. That's not to say that there aren't any new features though, as there are plenty of changes for the pictures and music's features -- which are much appreciated. It should go without saying that we're mostly interested in features that enhance our HD viewing. The biggest addition to us is one that was expected in the TV Pack, but left out: H.264 support. Although this can be a nice feature all on its own, the real excitement is because we hope that this means DirecTV fans will finally get to watch HD on their Media Centers. We're hoping that this isn't the only feature that Redmond isn't letting on to just yet, but we'll all just have to wait and see what's to come in the final release.

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