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WoW Moviewatch: Do you speak English?


This isn't EgadPit's first time on Moviewatch, as he'd previously been featured for his work with the Warchief Debates 2008. Using the soundtrack to a Simon Pegg skit, Do you speak English? tells the tale of a blood elf whose conveyance breaks down.

She asks a nearby undead for some help, only to find out that they "don't speak the same language." It's a short video, and pretty funny. I'm not sure how much of the funny is due to EgadPit, and how much is due to the machinima, but the overall effect is worth a laugh or three. I found the use of screen space to be pretty simple and clean, which puts a lot of focus on the dialogue between characters.

Still, I'm not sure it's as strong as the Warchief Debates. To be fair, the debates benefit from timeliness. What's your opinion?

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