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AT&T BlackBerry Bold unboxing

Chris Ziegler

Yeah, the Bold's out in pretty much every country recognized by the United Nations at this point, but to attention-starved Americans, we can only say this: it's new to you. Unlike the Epix, AT&T has spared RIM's latest and greatest full QWERTY handset from any over-the-top carrier branding, opting for a tiny logo at the bottom of the shell and letting the gorgeous industrial design speak for itself. We're not typically BlackBerry people, but we've got to admit -- this thing feels solid, substantial, and generally just great in the hand, and we can see how you'd feel lost without it in no time. Oh, and yes, everything you've heard about the display is true -- it's insanely crisp, bright, and easy on the eyes. We'll have a more thorough look at the AT&T version of the Bold in the not-too-distant future, but in the meantime, enjoy some photography, won't you?

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