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Breakfast Topic: Happy Halloween!

Zach Yonzon

Happy Halloween, everybody! The World Event happening today IRL is the basis of our favorite game's Hallow's End festivities. This is the day when we are officially allowed to knock on strangers' doors and hope their Innkeeper will give us some treats. This is also when we can dress up as, well... anything, really, and not have anybody look at us funny. This is actually a great opportunity to do a little bit of cosplay even if you're not really into that kind of thing. I mean, why not dress up as your favorite WoW character? In fact, some people thought that was such a great idea they decided to make Warcraft costumes for everybody.

What do you have planned for this Halloween? Will you be dressing up as a Warlock in Tier 5? Or maybe an Orc with the Arcanite Ripper? If you do plan on dressing up as somebody -- or something -- from Warcraft, don't forget to send in your pictures! While some of you might still have some last minute Hallow's End Achievements to pursue, I hope you get it early today so you can go out for what usually is a fun-filled night in many places. This is one of the few times that I'd actually recommend not playing the game for a little while. I mean, RL tricky treats and flimsy masks have got to be on everyone's agenda, right? Ending the day not plastered on Dos Ogris might be an Achievement for some, while I certainly hope nobody gets Out With It outside the game today. Whatever you have planned for Halloween, we at WoW Insider hope you have a blast!

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