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LotRO Monster Play class enhancements

Shawn Schuster

As promised, Turbine has delivered yet another informative dev diary regarding the changes coming to Monster Play with the Mines of Moria expansion to Lord of the Rings Online. Yet, this one isn't a simple report on tweaks and adjustments here and there; this dev diary explains the dozens of new skills and traits that will be introduced for your favorite Monster classes come November 18th.

Plus, in the second part of the Ettenmoors dev diary we showed you last week, Turbine discusses the mechanics of capturing flags and artifacts, as promised. Why so much information regarding Monster Play lately? As we can see from these dev diaries, the changes to Monster Play will be substantial for several reasons. This includes providing more direct PvMP gameplay, providing greater incentive for players and monster players alike and providing a greater level of advancement for monster players. Be sure to read the entire series if you're a diehard PvMP fan, or even if you're considering getting into LotRO's Monster Play system for the first time.

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