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Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals offers up DLC


Disney Interactive Studios just sent us a press release all of you Spectrobes fans will get a kick out of. The latest game, Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals has six items of DLC available, should you load up the game and log on to Wi-Fi Connect. Six different creatures are up for grabs:
  • Windalo
  • Windino
  • Shasharp
  • Grispit
  • Samuspire
  • Sestar
On top of that, there is a special Nanairo sword for Rallen. Of course, none of this is free. Well, it's free in the sense that it doesn't cost real money, but you must spend in-game points on each item (one, to be exact). You can accrue up to 10 points each week as you enjoy the Wi-Fi capabilities of the game.


[Via press release]

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