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Variety: 45 songs from catalog for Beatles game

Ross Miller

In addition to yesterday's volley of news about The Beatles' rhythm game, Variety has a few new details. According to the publication, who spoke with Apple Corps CEO Jeff Jones, Harmonix can select 45 songs from The Beatles' 1962 to 1969 EMI catalog. Apologies to all who were dying for a cameo from The Quarrymen. Ladies and gentlemen, you now have a number. It's time to start making those "confirmed track lists" you all are so fond of sending us.

Giles Martin, who served as music director to Cirque du Soleil's Beatles Love alongside father and Beatles producer George Martin, will oversee the game's music. Still no word on whether the original recordings will be remastered or not. Additionally, Sony/ATV Music Publishing CEO Martin Brandier told Variety that the deal was -- shocker -- unprecedentedly expensive. "We signed a deal that would be considered very rich by the videogame company but fair for the artists," he said. "It will have online implications that will be enormous."

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