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Verizon wants you to know why you shouldn't buy the G1

Chris Ziegler

It's not going all-out with a nasty public smear campaign, but Verizon wants its sales reps fully prepared for the occasional customer (or would-be customer) asking why they shouldn't head across the street to T-Mobile and pick up a G1 instead. To that end, they've prepared a nicely pre-packaged list of reasons that can be rattled off on command, ranging from the totally legitimate (super limited 3G coverage) to the dubious (no audible navigation instructions) to the outright silly (music downloads via Amazon MP3 limited to WiFi). It's a good effort, Verizon -- but with the Storm around the corner for y'all, we don't think you've got to try too hard to hang onto customers and nab a few conquests of your own. Follow the break for page two of this rather... educational document.

[Thanks, Carter]

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