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VUDU's HD selection now outnumbers Apple TV's, Blu-ray might be next

Ben Drawbaugh

For the fourth week in a row, VUDU leaves the flood gates open and continues adding HD movies to the its library in record numbers. Now with this week's additional 120 HD movies, it has replaced the Apple TV as the download service with the best selection of HD. According to VUDU, there are now 769 movies available (or coming in the next few weeks) compared to about 690 HD movies that are offered on the Apple TV. So at this rate, VUDU should also surpass Blu-ray's HD selection in about two weeks. Of course we are talking about quantity here, and not quality, which we're sure could be debated continuously. Unfortunately for movie fans, it's still not quite the ultimate solution, as there's no way to purchase movies in HD, rentals are still limited by 30 days and 24 hours, and worst of all, there is still about a 30 day window between when the latest movies are released on disc and when they show up on download services. But this does make us wonder what would happen if Hollywood eliminated the artificial differences between downloads and discs.

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