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WotLK launch events announced -- meet other fans, get your copy signed, etc

Samuel Axon

Blizzard has announced midnight November 13th store opening events for World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 13 cities across three continents -- Los Angeles (by way of Anaheim), New York, San Francisco, Austin, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Taipei, and Seoul.

If you're close to one of those cities, chances are you can pick up a copy of WotLK and mingle with developers or executives -- at least in the U.S. cities. Blizz has also promised that extra Collector's Editions will be available at those locations, cause you know folks who go to these sorts of events are diehard and will settle for only the best!

No word on whether or not Arthas plans to make a dark, icy appearance, but if he does, we're betting on Stockholm for the location.

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