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A one-month review of WAR's Tome of Knowledge

James Egan

Some of us at Massively are fans of "Waaagh!", a Warhammer Online blog written by Syp. He recently put together a review of Warhammer Online's Tome of Knowledge, one month in. The Tome of Knowledge is one of the more interesting features we've seen in an MMO to date, and may well open new avenues for other MMO developers to explore as the industry matures. That said, it's certainly not perfect.

Syp breaks down how the Tome of Knowledge alternately exceeds and fails to live up to his expectations. This comprehensive look is broken down by category: Unlock Rate, RvR Unlocks, Secrets vs. Goals, Stories and Quotes, Fluff and Rewards, Titles, Bragging Rights, Nudity and Chickens, Limitations and Absences, Tome Tactics, User Interface, and Out of Game Experience. That's a fairly thorough assessment of the Tome, we'd say. Syp does have one caveat though: "This list isn't a series of 'Why I hate the Tome', but hopefully you've read it as 'I am quite fond of the Tome and want to see it get a lot better' analysis and suggestions." Be sure to have a look at Syp's "The Tome of Knowledge: A One-Month Review" for a comprehensive analysis of one of WAR's most unique features, and see if you agree with him.

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