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One Shots: Roll for initiative!

We've spent many a happy hour gathered around a table, adventuring with friends while fighting over possession of the snacks. So we love to see screens from Dungeons and Dragons Online, where people play out campaigns -- just in MMO form! Today's One Shots comes to us from Massively reader Bam! who sent along this gorgeous screenshot from Dungeons and Dragons Online along with the following note: Though I wanted to capture the moment where the dragon is walking in the ice tunnel below you, I missed it, so here it is. This is the cause of all the trouble in the new starter area for DDO mod 8. Without spoiling too much of anything, we're here to turn the balance in the fight between the mindflayer and the dragon. The changes made in Mod 8 (including DX10) are fantastic. I hope it will attract some new players!

Do you have a screenshot that takes you back to a great memory? Perhaps you have screens from when you first started playing MMOs and would like to share your stories of what it felt like to step into that world? One Shots is about community, and that means we need your screens and stories! Want to contribute but don't know how? It's easy. Just email your screenshot along with whatever you'd like to say about it to oneshots AT massively DOT com. Include your character name (server and guild optional) along with the game so we know who to give credit to. Pretty simple, no?

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