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ASUS introduces VENTO TA-F foldable PC case

Darren Murph

While not nearly as gnarly as Acrylic Cowboy's inside-out case, the VENTO TA-F is probably more usable in most respects. ASUS' new foldable PC chassis promises a 30% savings on storage and transportation, but alas, all that apparently goes away once you stock it full of internal components. At any rate, novice and expert DIYers alike will appreciate the "no-tools-necessary" clause, and the plethora of drive bays within will keep mobile data servers happy as a lark. Those who'd like to pick one up will have to look coast to coast at their leisure (thanks for the specifics, ASUS), but make sure to choose silver (TA-F21) or black (TA-F11) beforehand.

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