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LG's optical touchpad-packin' KS500 official in Vodafone garb

Darren Murph

Remember that mysterious LG KS500 we spotted slouching at the FCC's main desk back in August? No? It's all good -- Vodafone is apparently looking to remind you by introducing the decidedly so-so slider with its own logo. Obviously, there's still a great chance we North Americans see this one over here in due time, but whatever ends up happening, this here handset boasts tri-band GSM connectivity, dual-band UMTS / HSDPA support, a QVGA display, 3-megapixel camera, 100MB of built-in memory, a microSD card slot, aGPS and an optical touchpad that should make navigating through menus a bit more enjoyable. No mention of a price just yet, but it ought to start filtering out in some form or fashion in Q4.

[Via GSMHelpDesk]

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