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Rumor: EA still working on fitness title for Wii, includes new peripheral

We picked up Nintendo's wildly popular digital personal trainer, Wii Fit, shortly after launch with hopes to transform ourselves into Hasslehoffian dreamboats -- sadly, we found the Balance Board's unflinching critique of our porcine physiques far too traumatizing. Fortunately, according to an article in the latest issue of Men's Fitness, Electronic Arts is hard at work on their own fitness title for the Wii -- one that will use a brand new (and hopefully less judgmental) peripheral.

This isn't the first we've heard of EA's answer to Wii Fit -- though details on the new peripheral (and the apparent eschewing of the game's use of the Balance Board) is news to us. According to the magazine's interview with EA executive producer Dave McCarthy, the aforementioned peripheral will allow players to attach the Wiimote to their body, where it will measure their movements during a series of in-game exercises. No details on a release schedule for the game, or its capacity to make us openly weep, were mentioned.

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