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    Sharp's 52-inch LC-52SB55U LCD HDTV reviewed: a solid value

    Darren Murph

    It's no AQUOS, but then again, no member of the fresh SB series pretends to be. Sharp's largest player in its new "entry-level" family was taken for a spin over at PC Mag, and all in all, they came away quite impressed. The 52-inch LC-52SB55U ditches that 120Hz technology (that we're not too fond of anyway) and sticks with the tried and true 60Hz refresh rate -- all while still offering up a 1080p panel, 1.8-inch bezel and a fixed 2- x 10-inch stereo speaker bar. Critics were immediately impressed with the unit's array of inputs, and overall, the image quality was impressive enough to satisfy the market it's aiming at. The set can be had online for under $1,700 as of right now, and while we'd personally have a tough time biting before Black Friday, those who need an HDTV this very moment probably won't be disappointed.

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