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Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of November 2nd

Jem Alexander

Something for everyone this week. Resistance 2 hits the US while LittleBigPlanet finally sees a European release. Valkyria Chronicles also makes its way to American soil. If you're after something wholly unique and a little bit special this week, that might be your best bet (though only SRPG fans need apply). Here's the full release list:

US Games EU Games
Asian Games
Don't forget that your PS3 is region free. If you see anything on this list that isn't available where you live go ahead and import. Keep in mind that DLC is locked to the game disc's region so if you buy a US game you'll need to get your DLC from the US PSN Store. Release dates are constantly subject to change. That's our way of saying "don't blame us if something gets delayed last minute."

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